Our Mission

Globid Incorporation's mission is to partner with First-In-Class Industry, Research and Education leaders to grow their recognition on the Internet through the development of key URL addresses.

After successfully practicing The Zen Art & Science of Being Found� for more than a decade, in 2013, the company�s mission has evolved from providing service-based solutions into an Intellectual Property Development Company that monetizes web domain names with our partners.

About The Company

Founded in 2001, Globid Inc began as a B2B sales lead generation company, exponentially growing sales of American equipment manufacturers & distributors through online SEO and SEM strategies.

From 2001 through 2012, key clients experienced gross sales increases on average of 2,100% as Globid Inc contributed significantly to their brands becoming internationally-known in their respective industries. Case studies and references are available - please contact us to receive testimonials from our successful partners.

21st Century Focus

Please contact us if your business or organization has a stake in:
  • Nanotechnology & MEMS Equipment, Services & Processes

  • Non-GMO Food

  • Sustainable Packaging, Pallets, Containers & Dunnage

  • Oil & Gasoline-Spill Clean Up Equipment & Services

  • Advanced Fabric Finishing & Coating Services

  • HP & LPG Cages and Storage Equipment

  • Secure, Custom-Purpose, Intermodal Containers

Want to Learn More?

Please contact us about our portfolios of undeveloped URL addresses, or how we can partner with you on the Web. One of our IP Industry Project Managers will contact you directly upon your inquiry. We can converse with you in Mandarin, English and German.

Please note, we are quite deliberate in forming long term partnerships, so please tell us below how we can best assist your organization, and how we can solve your branding and other objectives on the Web. We sincerely look forward to your submission below.

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